Our Team

Bob Clarke, Founder and CEOBob Clarke, Founder and CEO

Bob has been a professional editor for over twenty years, and personally funded the first two years of MAMA Youth Project’s operation.

Bob started his television career in 1982 as a Video Tape Operator for Humphries Video Services. He went on to join The Services Sound & Vision Corporation in 1987 where he cut his teeth as an editor on different types of programming including light entertainment, news and documentaries. Following BBC training, Bob became a freelance editor and worked at various facilities in Soho, before setting up his own- bcPost.

In 1996 Bob took this facility to the next level by purchasing his first Avid Media Composer, which attracted clients such as the BBC, Endemol, Ginger Productions and Tiger Aspect. Then, in September 2005, MAMA Productions funded an experiment and recruited young adults to make an entertainment show called ‘What’s Up’. This experiment proved so successful, it led to the formation of the MAMA Youth Project.

In 2008, Bob decided to put all future commissions through the MAMA Youth Project, using talented newcomers who had worked on ‘What’s Up’. This enterprise became very successful and turned over 45,000 in 3 months. However, due to the legal limitations of a charity earning income, Licklemor Productions had to be formed – which is now MAMA Youth Project’s commercial arm.

On a personal level, Bobs great strengths are his creativity, adaptability and ability to understand what a client wants. He is also quick to recognise new talent and give them the opportunities they need.

Cristina Ciobanu, Director of Operations

Cristina Ciobanu, Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Cristina is involved in all aspects of running the organisation, managing activities ranging from funding to training programmes, job recommendations and mentorship for alumni and the day to day running of the charity. 

Since she joined MAMA Youth in 2013, Cristina worked her way up from being an Assitant Producer and then a Producer for Seasons 8 and 9 of What's Up TV for Sky 1. Cristina studied for her Journalism and Social Communication BA in Romania and Norway and worked as a news reporter, a time when she developed her passion for video production that leads her to complete an MA in Film and Video Production at West London University in 2011.  

When she is not in the office she still goes by Rihanna's "work, work, work, work" lyric and lazy holidays are never her favorites. 

Mariana Magnavita, Head of TrainingMariana Magnavita, Head of Training

Mariana has spent the last few years dedicating herself exclusively to her music but before choosing a musical career, she gained a BA in Film & Video at the prestigious London College of Communication. Her graduation  short film Ana (2004), filmed in the backlands of Bahia-Brazil, was nominated for ‘best short’ at the Birds Eye View Film Festival, the main English festival for films directed by women.

Mariana also project managed her own music videos in 2010 for White and 2011 for We Walk Alone. We Walk Alone won best music video at The Indie Gathering International Film Festival 2011. Her most recent work was the music video for her song Things That Go Around 2013, it won special mention at The London Short Film Festival 2014, in the Music & Video category.

Mariana enjoys working at MAMA Youth Project, bringing her passion for working with media and young people to her role within the charity.

Caroline Clarke, Project Manager

Caroline Clarke, Project Manager

Caroline worked in the broadcast industry as a Librarian initially with Humphries Video Services back in the eighties. After being there for 5 years she decided to up root and go and work for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney, as a Librarian Researcher. On returning back to the UK, Caroline quickly found a permanent position at Visnews as a Librarian and Archive Researcher, and then from there went to Post Production at BBC Television Centre.

After bringing up two boys and many years of voluntary work including supporting families of offenders, Caroline joined MAMA Youth Project in April 2013, as Project Coordinator.

It has been fitting that Caroline has been able to join the charity as she has been involved personally and financially as the wife of our CEO, Bob Clarke.

Tanita Ojo-Baptiste, Senior Production TrainerTanita Ojo-Baptiste, Senior Production Trainer

I am a Senior Production Trainer (SPT).  My role requires me to train our Production team (Researchers and production Management) to the very highest standard so that they are work ready when we place them into work placements with our partners.  Taking novices from a place of insecurity to a place where employers compete to recruit our talented and highly skilled team members is so rewarding.  I help to give our trainees the tools to reach their full potential and the confidence to climb that ladder, of achievement, and kick away the snakes. The trainees receive a 13 weeks training with me. During this time, they receive full performance reviews and continual honest constructive feedback which also includes employability advice and training.Aside from My SPT role I am also the Producer of the show What’s Up TV where the trainees get their ‘on the job’ training. Once trained I am confident of our trainees’ ability to work for the show which is commissioned by Sky 1.

Before MYP I was employed as a Multi-Channel Broadcast Co-ordinator, Broadcast Scheduler and I produced promo VT’s for broadcast.  My career started off in Set Design which has been invaluable to me as it frequently comes in handy in my work as a Producer.

I love MYP because of the priceless opportunity and the experience that it gives the trainees.  When I talk to people about the company, I am faced with disbelieving or blank faces. They are waiting for ‘the catch’ and when they don’t hear it, they just ask me point blank “where is the catch”.  I won’t lie, I used to ask myself the same question, but not anymore.  For there is ‘no catch’, it is just a wonderful opportunity for those who want to take it with both hands and work hard to achieve their potential with a team of people who believes in them.

My motto in life has always been “If It isn’t Broken Don’t Fix It”, and “I’ll Sleep When I Die”.

Mostafa Nagy, Lead Technical Trainer

Mostafa Nagy, Lead Technical Trainer

As lead technical trainer/director Mostafa provides training and mentoring on broadcast and film Cameras. Lighting concepts and advanced lighting techniques. Location sound recording and sound editing. Avid and Adobe post production editing and delivery. Also, the digital end-to- end filmmaking workflow process, including several digital media platforms for the What’s Up TV brand. Includes, on location directing. Devising and implementing training programs.

Mostafa started his career in the TV industry as a Lighting Camera man and on-line Editor (1990-1993) in Egypt. Within the next years, Mostafa came to London and began working for a few companies in the industry (BBC, ITV, NBC, MBC) ranging in positions from Director to Senior Producer. Mostafa then became his own boss and started freelancing as a Director, Picture Editor and Post Production Producer. After doing this for some time he then joined Al Jazeera Media Network, which holds 70 bureaus around the world, the second largest number after BBC. Mostafa began his time there as a Programs Producer/Director with their English and Arabic channels. Over the course of his 10 years (2005-2015) with Al Jazeera Media Network he held different Managerial positions including Head of Production with their children channel, Head of Programs for the Documentary channel and eventually their Global Production Operations Manager for programs and documentaries.

Mostafa loves to continuously learn and enjoys teaching others how to improve and gain new skills.

Jacqueline Shepherd, ProducerJacqueline Shepherd, Producer

Jacqueline started her career in the media industry indulging in different job experiences building her skill sets and working her way up. Jacqueline has done a few glamorous jobs in her day, but her work with John Legend and The Roots on their cover albums for London’s “Wake Up Tour” is a once in a lifetime experience. In she then moved on to reporting red carpet events for Real Steel UK Film Premiere.

These experiences lead Jacqueline to “What’s Up TV” and inevitably to MAMA Youth Project in 2011. Jacqueline has worked many positions since joining MAMA Youth, including doing her own Freelance Presenting, Hosting and Voice-Overs. She has worked as a Training Assistant, Project Manager and is now our Assistant Producer. While Jacqueline assists producing “What’s Up TV,” liaising with label managers and producing music cue sheets, she also manages to find time in helping our trainees find their way in the industry (and at MAMA Youth). Jacqueline is also one of the most prominent presenters on “What’s Up TV.”

No matter how much Jacqueline has on her plate, she keeps stacking. This determined young woman is a great contributor to MAMA Youth’s team.

Maya Francis, Technical Supervisor and Digital Content & Social Media Producer

Maya Francis, Technical Supervisor and Digital Content & Social Media Producer

Maya started her career in the media industry in 2010 and spent the next 6 years freelance producing, filming and editing for music videos, a variety of companies and charities. In 2015 Maya used her talents to help further the skills of young people in film and editing.

Building up her portfolio, Maya created a website and built a name for herself as Maya Francis Film. Her next step was to get into the TV industry, here she became a trainee video editor for What’s Up TV in it's 10th season. She then worked at the BBC for the TV & Media Operations department. Since then Maya has been working for MAMA Youth Project. She still continues to freelance as a videographer & editor in her spare time where she can express her creativity and unique ideas in her work. As well as freelancing as a producer & editor for the BBC Live Stories team.

Maya loves working at MAMA Youth Project as it has always been her dream to work within the industry and to help change people’s lives.

Tors Sorby, Talent ManagerTors Sorby, Talent Manager

Tors’s role for MAMA Youth Project is two-fold. To work with the trainees whilst they are with us, preparing them for the media industry as Freelancers; be that CV work, interview technique, networking advice, writing cover letters or general advice. Beyond that her remit is to support the trainees as they come out of the MY training programmes and ensure that the MY alumni have access to work, and career development, opportunities beyond their initial training. A large part of this is liaising with our Partner companies to get more young people from under-represented groups employed in the broadcast and media industries and ensure the talent is retained and progressing.

Tors spent an initial 6 years in TV Production, mainly specialising in Development and Casting for both Ob Docs and several series of The Great British Bake Off.

Following that she made the move into Talent Management, working initially for an independent talent recruiter and then 3 years working at the BBC as a Talent Manager in a variety of departments - Factual, Scripted - Comedy and Drama, and finally in Entertainment. It was here, latterly, that she was able to focus on driving the Diversity and Schemes work in the department, some of which were MAMA Youth Project trainees. From there the next steps were natural… Get a job at MYP HQ!

Amanda Brannan, Communications OfficerAmanda Brannan, Communications Officer

Amanda has worked in television for 30 years. An accomplished broadcast professional across multi
platforms she has had over a decade of experience at Producer level delivering world class content
for Sky Sports, having worked her way up from Editorial Assistant to Head of Special Features.
With extensive post production and live international broadcast experience, she is proud to have been part of BAFTA nominated and award winning production teams on numerous occasions.

During her career as a Senior Producer for Europe’s leading entertainment broadcaster, Amanda
feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to mentor and coach a multitude of upcoming talent
within large cross functional teams and it is these skills that she feels brings most value to the
MAMA Youth Project.

Amanda was a member of Sky’s Women in Leadership programme at it’s inception and has always
been dedicated to being an inspirational role model for mentees, supporting junior staff through
their training to help secure them high profile roles within the industry.

Having worked with CEO Bob Clarke over many years, Amanda witnessed with admiration as he built
the charity from scratch while supporting a family and working full time. As a mother of four
children herself, she shares Bob’s passion for the development of young people from all
backgrounds and is delighted to utilise her experience and expertise in her role at MAMA Youth as
well as having the opportunity to give something back to an industry that has supported her all her
working life.

Radu Muntean, PA to CEO

Radu Muntean, PA to CEO

Radu is the newest member to our team. A Romanian with ten years media experience – eight of which only in broadcasting -, Radu joined our team to help better organise our CEO’s, Bob Clarke, busy schedule.

But his activity doesn’t stop there, as Radu participates actively in helping the  team with all the activities specific to a busy office like ours. Learning from us, Radu also shares with the team his experience adding to MAMA Youth’s already inclusive team. His media experience started at only 19, when, after becoming a student at Law University, he was accepted after an open hiring contest, as a reporter for one of the important journals in Arad, his hometown. After spending a couple of years in the busy world of the daily journals, Radu was offered the chance to become a production assistant at a local tv station for a two hour live show. He jumped at the occasion and that was the moment that he got hooked on TV and broadcasting. 

Moving to a bigger city, Radu become the host of two magazine shows, that brought him awards and tones of satisfaction. In his inevitable evolution Radu worked in Bucharest as a news reporter at B1Tv and Vox News, but he wanted to grow even more and he decided to move to next level: film. As his work in media and journalism was mostly written based, he wanted to learn more about the art of writing, so he chose to study screenwriting. 

Five years later and two countries further, Radu became a part of MAMA Youth Project to bring his contribution to the work that our team is conducting in changing young peoples’ lives and providing the TV and Broadcasting industry with new talent.